Who might produce, distribute, and exhibit my film?

Whilst thinking about the type of companies and people who might exhibit my film, my initial thoughts were that I wouldn’t really want it to be shown as a big blockbuster movie in Vue cinemas across the globe, but would instead want to keep it raw and indie. Due to the fact that my film is British, I’d like for it to be shown in small local picture houses – the type that support upcoming filmmakers. Also, as my film is extremely low-budget and I didn’t spent much on making it, it wouldn’t take much to earn back a profit so it could be shown very cheaply, or even for free, in little town cinemas. Because of this, I can imagine it becoming very popular with indie artists who create to inspire, rather than to make money. I wouldn’t want my film to be too commercialised, and so I would rather have my film played in cinemas like Everyman due to Odeon, because they are more in need of the profit to both support other filmmakers, and keep their picture houses in good condition.


For example, I like the idea of having local Londoners go to their local cinema, the kind where they serve wine and have plush leather seats, to watch my movie, and so immediately I thought of the Electric Cinema, Notting Hill, because it features just that. It has walls with beautiful 50’s-inspired designs, and little lamps in between the red seats, so that the films aren’t the only pieces of art in the place. I also like the Phoenix Cinema, Finchley, which is stunningly vintage (built in the early 1900’s) and has lovely wall patterns, along with selling homemade cake and tea. In general, I like the idea of people making a day out of watching my movie, making the whole experience great, rather than watching a blockbuster at a plain old Vue.

I would like my film to be produced by Patchwork Productions because of the fact that it is a staple, yet relatively low-budget, example of “modern cinemas at its best”. It looks for new talent to enter the market, so that they can help turn the film ideas of local Londoners into something that families can see at the cinema on a day out. It is a company that is always looking for new ideas, whilst also being able to offer them. For these reasons, I would want nobody but Patchwork to produce my film.

For the same reasons mentioned above, I wouldn’t want a film distributor like 20th Century Fox or Universal Pictures, because I’d prefer to support the lesser-known companies. After doing some research, I came to three film distributors that I liked the sound of. Firstly, there was Moxie Films, because they solely support start-up filmmakers whilst simultaneously showing movies with completely new ideas and storylines, helping their makers on their way up to the big screen. Another company I liked was Balcony Films because they give the filmmaker continuous help throughout all the final stages, from finishing the movie to getting it shown around. They’re slightly more well known, but that also means that they are more successful, whilst still catering to independent, start-up films. A downside to them, though, is that they are not based in the UK and tend to show films across the States.


The third company is Dogwoof, because not only are they local distributors, but they have also brought us, in my opinion, one of the most incredible documentaries to ever been shown – Blackfish. Not only do they offer support to start-ups, helping them from computer screen to cinema screen, but they are also local, and show their films in independent film houses. For these reasons, I would like Dogwoof to distribute my movie, as the company holds all of the qualities that I would want, whilst at the same time bringing insightful films that I would like mine to follow.




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