Location Shots


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Watford (and Bushey) streets
When thinking of filming locations, I knew that I would have to choose somewhere that was reasonably accessible to both Theo, Joseph and myself, that was relatively quiet, and most importantly, suitable. And so, we chose Watford, as it was incredibly local to both my actors and I was willing to travel. I’m happy about the fact that we chose Watford and Bushey to film the majority of the shots, as I could get plenty of street shots in a suburban town, yet undisturbed by passing cars and pedestrians (which added a nice effect, as you would expect a city town to be busy but this was quite the contrary). It also meant that had we forgotten a prop, we could walk the fifteen minutes back to someone’s house and retrieve it.

Oxhey Park
When noting the above considerations, I wanted the same factors to be involved with shooting the forest scenes, that is, seclusion and locality. And so, Oxhey Park was the obvious choice. It helped that I had been there multiple times before, as it meant I knew the overall atmosphere of the place and thus was able to judge whether or not it would be fitting. As we shot relatively late into the evening, the location added to the overall eeriness, as it was completely void of all life.

When choosing whose house to do the majority of the filming in, we decided as a group that we should do it at Theo’s, as it had a good amount of free space, whilst also being occupied by only two other people. We also shot the beginning scene in my house, mainly due to the fact that the timing was better to do so at mine. A downside of this was, however, that Theo couldn’t attend that day’s filming as it was too far for him to travel – and you can see Joseph with his hood up trying to play the role of Toby.

(Numberplates and faces have been blurred from the above images for the sake of privacy)

Also, related to this post I also did a Risk Assessment post, which can be viewed by clicking here.


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