Who is my audience?

When I first began creating my opening sequence, I believed that my audience was just “teenagers who like horror”, but after doing research on several sites such as UK Tribes and Find Your Tribe, I found that I could be a bit more specific in the description of my audience.

Scouring these sites, I had lots of questions, like “why are there so many Alts?” and “what is an Aspirant??”, because, frankly, I could imagine there being that many types of viewers. To start with, I went through the ‘Alt’ category, and immediately disregarded people such as ‘hacker’ and ‘superfan’, resulting in believing my specific audience is absolutely none of the examples given. In ‘Mainstream’, I initially had the same reaction, until I imagined my audience, and thought of normal teenagers, going to the movies on a Friday night with their friends – and thus ‘townie’, the type of girl to do just that. ‘Leading edge’ and ‘Urban’ were too specific for me to actually visualise any of the characters watching Glitch, but in ‘Aspirant’, I found a couple; the ‘trendie’ girl who loves fashion and music, the ‘new casual’ who loves playing football with his friends on weekends, the ‘hipsters’ who have a passion for new, independent movies. However, this particular research didn’t wield any specific audience results.

Carrying on in more general research, I decided on several specifics which I would like to mention:

  • All of my characters in my film are Caucasian, which means that some may feel it targeted towards those of the same race. This may be so, but nevertheless, I am targeting my sequence towards all races and nationalities.
  • Similarly, the only gender actually filmed in my sequence is male, but again, that doesn’t mean that I am targeting my sequence towards them only – however, using male-only actors may attract more of a male-dominant audience.
  • My film is shot in Watford, England, meaning that it is a British-based film. Whilst I would like to air my sequence internationally, I believe that my main audience would be British, especially as I could imagine it being shown in small picture houses in Brixton, but not in Toronto, for example.

Despite this research, I am still aiming my opening towards a more general type of audience, rather than one specific type that completely disregards the millions of others. Instead of directing my film towards that one girl who shops in Topshop and only eats nuggets from McDonalds, I want my sequence to be welcome to everyone – from the ‘geek’, to the ‘hypebeast’, to the ‘car enthusiast’. Psycho-graphically, I don’t imagine my audience to have one specific personality, interest or lifestyle, and likewise, I can not pin them all in one single social group. However, I don’t imagine my audience to be upper class, because my sequence is a small, independent film with a very low budget, and I wouldn’t envision them queueing outside a cinema to watch it.So, because of this, I still stand by the fact that I am aiming my film towards, in general, ‘teenagers who like the thriller genre’, but in actual fact my audience may be more ‘males, aged 16-25, situated in Britain, Caucasian, average social class’. 


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