For my moodboard, I decided to go with an overall dark theme, due to the obvious link that the colour has to the isolation and depression that my character would be feeling, so you will find that most of my images are monotonal.

I have the image of the medication to indicate the fact that Toby is relying on his tablets to maintain his sanity, and likewise, I have several images of brains – one show what a brain looks like before and after developing schizophrenia, and another shows the brain as a maze – that is, something difficult to operate, to illustrate Toby’s opinion on his mental health.

I have text such as ‘I would love to remove my head’ and ‘you’re a victim of your own mind’, due to the fact that Toby can’t escape the deterioration of his mental health, and other text such as ‘are you happy?’ and ‘I’m scared’, as Toby’s emotions are unreliable and perhaps even slightly terrifying to him.

I have images of people running, because that is what Toby is doing in both a metaphorical and literal sense.

There are several images of hands as they signify a part of the enemy that Toby is envisioning (i.e. covered in bandages), and for a similar reason I have included a couple shots of flames as the relate directly to the beginning and ending of the mental episode I featured in my sequence.

Other images may have a deeper meaning, for example, some of the sketches have been taken from young patients in mental institutes, which I thought were too disturbing to not include, whilst also simultaneously having a direct link to my character and what he is feeling.



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