Feedback from Screening Night

A week ago, we had a media screening in the college theatre where we showcased our movies so far. During the screening, students and parents were asked to fill out feedback sheets, and so today I was given ten feedback sheets to document and evaluate. They are as follows;


did you undestand pie

With the above question, there was evidently little variation within the feedback sheets, as all ten said yes to the question, “did you understand the storyline”. This is good, and means that I don’t need to try and make any unneeded developments, and can instead focus on the more important aspects that still need attention in my sequence.


do the titles pie

Again, the lack of variation with the answers was reassuring, and means that I can instead invest my time in bettering other elements of my movie. However, on a similar note I will be adding opening and closing credits to my movie as I have not done so as of yet.


what genre pie

For this question, seven people said that they believed my movie’s genre was “thriller”, which is what I was aiming for. One person said that it was “action”, which is understandable due to the running scenes, but not something I was going for. I wouldn’t regard it as a negative opinion, and most likely will not be changing any aspects of my sequenceA in order to try and draw it back to my original genre. The final two feedback sheets said that my movie was a “horror”, which is again understandable as it is similar in some respects to the genre that I was originally aiming for, but at the same time is not the sort of moving genre I was hoping to portray – whilst at the same time not being a negative attribute that I will be focusing on.


did the editing pie

For this question, nine people said that the editing did in fact suit the film and make it understand, with the final person saying that they were unsure as to whether or not it did. The latter response didn’t come with any more detail, so I’m not as to what they meant exactly, but I can only guess that I should work on making my storyline more prominent and clear, and have my editing do the same.

does the sound pie

Again, nine people agreed with the idea that the sound worked well with the images, with the final person saying that they were unsure. I can understand the final person, as at the time of the screening I hadn’t completed the sound of my movie, and so I had once scene where the soundtrack was made up of awful, slowed down heavy breathing, which even I found comical on the big screen. I’m currently on the search for a better soundtrack for the movie in total, so work on that is currently being undertaken.


Any further comments:

“Nice shots, really nice film”

  • I can’t really comment on the above note, but it’s good to see some outright positive feedback.

“Some of the acting affects the potential of what you are trying to achieve. I like the concept.”

  • I can understand with the above commenter in what they are saying, as there was one scene where the main character is screaming as the camera pans out of their mouth, and their voice is slowed down in an almost comical way, and I feel like that definitely decreased the quality of my sequence (and I will be working on that). However, in general, I think that the acting was pretty good, so without specifics I wouldn’t know what else to work on. I am also glad that they like the concept.

“Very good use of lights/ lighting to tell the story/ grow empathy to the character. Make the character richer as in more personality – not just ‘a guy with a mental health disorder’. Who else is he? But VERY GOOD overall.”

  • I am glad that my lighting worked well, due to the fact that the majority of my lighting was handheld, which may not have been received well. In regards to making my character richer, I understand what they are saying but at the same time with only two minutes of screen time to work with, I have been finding it a difficult concept to work on. I have included the opening scene which shows off Toby in his natural habitat in order to try and establish the shot, and I believe that adding in filler scenes of him pre-meltdown wouldn’t add much. Saying that, it is good feedback that I will keep in mind whilst editing my sequence further.



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