Shooting Script


22nd December – 22nd December 2015, 6:30pm – 1:00am

Scene 5

The scene begins with Toby being chased by “bandaged arm guy”, from the POV of the latter. He is in the middle of the shot, and his background is made up of grass and plantation.

Toby runs at a great speed towards a gate, with a sharp lighting focusing on him, flashing on and off.

Toby nears a gate, jumps over it, and the scene changes.


Scene 4:

The setting is of Toby sitting on a dark, wet ground outside. The sky is black, and the only lighting is caused artificially from my lighting.

The harsh white lighting flashes onto Toby, showing him in a blue hooded jumper, laying down on the ground. He is center frame of the shot and in the foreground.

The light flashes off, into darkness.

The lighting flashes back on, showing Toby half-way up into a sitting position. His hands are up, almost in a surrender position.

The light flashes off, into darkness.

The lighting flashes back on again, this time showing Toby sitting up, but crouched, with his hands on his head. This shot repeats itself, before changing.

The lighting is back on, showing Toby sitting on a wet bench, slightly to the left of the ‘rule of thirds’, in the foreground. He is in what seems to be a forest, with a tree to his right showing ‘missing posters’. His background is dark, punctuated by a scattering of city lights.

Toby is in a sitting position, hands still on his head. He straightens, and gets off the bench, walking towards the tree with the poster on it.

The lighting is flashing wildly.

Toby pulls back one of the posters, and we can see him reading the ‘missing’ poster.

The lighting flashes wildly, and suddenly the posters have been replaced with new posters, this time depicting his medication.

Toby eyes the posters, looking shocked, just before the scene changes.



28th December 2015, 5:00pm – 8:00pm


Scene 7:

The scene opens, depicting Toby wearing a white shirt laying on the floor in his bedroom, with a light in his hands and a dazed look on his face.

Toby hurriedly scans his flash light from left to right, with the camera on him.

The POV switches to Toby.

Toby continues to scan the torch around his room, which seems to be in place. Scene goes black, which will have a voice over.

Scene 8:

Toby is standing with his friend in the middle frame of the shot.

Toby and his friend embrace, Toby acting relieved that his friend is there to care for him. His friend reassures him (to be recorded later).

The shot glitches, and when Toby pulls back from his friend, he finds that his trusted friend has a face covered in bandages (signifying his fears), and so he acts as if he is terrified.

Shot switches to a close-up of Toby screaming, with the camera panning out, losing focus, and finally going black.



16th January 2016, 6:30pm – 11:30pm

Scene 1:

Scene begins, showing Toby wearing a blue sweatshirt (signifying the reckless side of him) sitting on a blue seat in a comfy-looking living room. Beside him, he has a small table, resting upon which is a glass of water and a white jar filled with his anti-psychosis medication. In front of him is a television, in which he is playing Call of Duty on a PlayStation (establishing normality), and besides that is a black bin.

Toby plays the playstation. Background sounds from the game play.

In distance, a female voice: Have you taken your medication, Toby?

Toby pauses the game, in a slightly fed-up manner. 

Toby, still not showing his face, reaches over to the jar. He holds it up, so that we can see the anti-psychosis detail label, before throwing it into the bin (featuring a close-up of the jar falling in ). Scene changes.



17th January 2016, 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Scene 2:

The scene shows Toby walking down a normal suburban street, wearing a white t-shirt (signifying the sane side of him). Toby is in the middle of the shot, and the camera follows behind him at the same speed he is walking.

Toby continues walking for a few seconds, establishing normality by his behaviour. Suddenly, he drops to the ground clutching his head.

Toby struggles on the ground for a few seconds, showing agony towards his head, before the scene fades out and changes.





21st January 2016, 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Scene 6

The scene shows Toby at a later time, obviously exhausted, running up a red-light-lit hill. The sky is black.

The camera is still and focusing on Toby, who stumbles and trips as he runs up the hill.

At the final stumble, the shot changes, and Toby falls with the camera attached to him. The scene shows the arms of Toby in the foreground, from the POV of Toby, as he continues to struggle running.


The scene fades out into black, and we get a voice over of Toby’s friend calling after him.



26th January 2016, 6:00pm – 7:00pm

*Recording voice overs that haven’t yet been done*

Scene 3:

A candle is in the foreground of the shot, on the right side on the ‘rule of thirds’. The room is completely black.

A hand lights the candle with a lighter, and leaves the flame flickering as the shot changes.

Scene 9:

The same scene is commencing as mentioned above, with a candle lit in the foreground, continued from being lit in scene 3.



20th February 2016, 1:0pm – 4:00pm

*Recording shots that may have been missed after creating a rough edit of the shots.*


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