Key elements I must include in my opening

To conform to the expectations of the genre I have chosen – thriller – I have researched exactly what I will need suit the needs of my genre, audience, and expectations. Here, I have written a very precise check list;

  • Spooky soundtrack fitting the storyline
  • Make it obvious what the protagonist fears
  • Establish a normal environment, break it down
  • Show, don’t tell – hint at dark events
  • Stick to a dark, scary colour theme
  • Build interest with a solid storyline in a very short amount of time
  • Credit everyone involved, in order of importance
  • Mainpulate the credits into something intriguing, rather than just something you need
  • Give a very basic backstory, suggest the situation
  • Add plenty of glitches, to fit in with the title whilst enhancing fear
  • Break up the scenes with flashes of something – perhaps light, flashes of the sequence, images of those involved, etc

The audience will be expecting a vague storyline, fitted to a spooky soundtrack, obviously featuring the credits. They will want a hint of what is to come, whilst building their interest, making them want to watch more.


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