Pearl and Dean’s Audience Profile


For this task I was asked to go to the business section of the Pearl and Dean website and investigate how they categorise their audiences. After a very confusing start, I discovered that GAP stands for Genre, Audience, Purpose, and thus their four models had some basis within that point.

GAP in general focuses on what percentage of certain groups of people are suited to a particular profile, such as female, 55+, etc. GAP Alcohol is a film profile for people over the age of 18, who can drink alcoholic substances, and so everything involved with the movie would typically have trailers, advertisements, etc, that are suitable to that particular audience. Family Focus is a type of film that caters for families, and so would be suited to children and their relatives, with the movie itself likely to be lighthearted and suitable for a vast amount of ages.

Pearl and Dean uses this particular audience profile as it shows accurate data of the viewers in an easy manner, meaning that their graphs are relatively easy to understand and their audiences are categorised into sections that represent them.It doesn’t take into consideration things like their hobbies or location, which means that they must be missing out on some key data, but it does represent their audience as a whole.

I believe that I could fit my film into their ideas, and I think that it would be most suited to GAP Focus, as GAP Alcohol would exclude a large amount of my audience, Family Focus might include an audience that I believe to be too young for this sort of thing, and GAP is too general.


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