Character Profiles and Casting



Male, 17 years old. Dark hair, dark eyes, tanned skin. Wears dark clothes and skinny jeans. Is of an average height, with a strong build. Has had previous experience with acting, and is very dramatic in the way he comes across (perfect for the role).

The character he will be playing is mentally unstable, disregards rules. Exhibits reckless behaviour towards medication. Slightly insane. Afraid of his mental deterioration into what the sequence hints to be schizophrenia.

Main character.

I chose Theodore to play Toby, due to the fact that I wanted my main character to have a dark undertone to them, and due to Theo’s tanned appearance and dark eyes and hair, I thought that based on his looks alone he would fit well. Theo is of an average height, which may help viewers emphasise with the character a bit more. He is of the perfect age to play such a distraught character, around the same age that I envisioned Toby to be, also having quite a typical build for a typical teenage boy.



Male, 17 years old, with curly hair, light eyes and light skin. Wears dark clothes and loose jeans on his tall and thin frame. Hasn’t had previous acting experience, but is confident and willing to portray the character of “friend”. Has known the actor, Theodore for years, meaning that they already have prior history and are more likely to be better actors in each other’s company – and be better at portraying the ease that my characters would naturally feel towards each other, as friends.

His character has a friendly appearance, and is caring towards Toby (until the ending). Is aware of Toby’s medical condition, and is there to support him.

Only appears in final scene.

I chose Joseph to play the friend due to his overall friendly appearance, which was suited to such a short scene. He agreed with filming, was willing to act for a short scene, and also wanted to be a part of the overall filming process – that is, helping with lighting and sound.


Left: Joseph Robinson Miners, playing “friend”, right: Theodore Harriott, playing main character


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