preliminary task evaluation

For my brief, I was told to create a short film that includes multiple shots such as shot-reverse-shot and match on match action, of a person walking through several doors and ending up in  room. As a group, we decided that the main character would be followed with the camera on her journey through Westminster Kingsway College to the interview room, where she was confronted by the interviewer saying that she is late and needs to leave.

In this preliminary task I was the main actress. I had to act out the scenes where I was finding the school, entering and navigating the school, and finally getting told to leave the interview room. I also helped with the directing, making sure that the scenes were being recorded in the way we had planned, and the editing, although that was mostly to give feedback and advice.

I found the process of planning through to production to be relatively okay, and we didn’t hit any major hurdles along the way. Production was filled with things I’ve never worked with before, such as the large boom microphones, but I think that all in all it went well. The planning stages took a lot longer than I expected, especially with the storyboarding where we planned out every scene. However, the process ran smoothly and we managed to stick to our original plan.

I found working in a group to go fairly well, despite the fact that when I was studying media for GCSE we worked mostly as individuals, so that was a change. However, I adapted and it all worked out alright.

Our short film was mainly used up of ‘match on match action’, because we were trying to illustrate the point that the main character was in a rush (a technique often seen in thrillers). The shot was quite fun to work with, even if we did have to film everything a couple of times to get different angles in. We had two scenes where we used ‘shot reverse shot’, and I think that when doing so we stuck to the 180 degree rule to a fair standard.

I think that the strengths of our video were the variations in camera techniques, because we took lots of shots for each scene and mixed it up whilst doing so, which I think turned out relatively aesthetically pleasing, whilst being fun to film. I also think that for the most part, the sound was pretty good, and didn’t come off as fuzzy like I was concerned about, although that was definitely the main thing to work on when we film a project next time.

I think that to improve and further develop  our work, next time we should try and add more scenes with dialogue so that we can work with more techniques and variations in camera angles, and improve the standard of which we work with sound. Maybe we could also introduce props into our work, and try switching up the focus with different objects. We tried to stick to the original outline


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