preliminary task planning

The Big Day – working title, subject to change


Genre/ theme – comedy + drama

Duration – 1-2 minutes

Characters –

Interviewer – Mohab

Interviewee – Amy ( named “Meg”)

Camera person – Nadiyah

Director – Mia

Editor – all

Locations – Gray’s Inn Road, Westminster Kingsway College (ground floor, floor three, room 319)

Treatment  –

Synopsis – The Big Day is a short film about a young girl called Meg who is late for her interview for a place at Westminster Kingsway. The day doesn’t go to plan, as she trips and stumbles and gets later for her interview every second. When she does finally arrive at the interview room, Florea the interviewer is not very impressed, and asks her to leave.

Plot – Meg is running down the road to Westminster Kingsway College, bag flying   behind her, as she mutters to herself and rakes her hands through her hair. She tries to walk through the exit instead of entrance, and so the security guard tells her to go back around. She goes through and runs towards the lift, dropping her stuff. She rushes to pick everything up, just as the elevator door opens, but she can’t get on because her stuff is splayed across the floor. The next elevator comes, but it’s too full, so she has to take the stairs. When she gets to the top she’s out of breath and stumbles, making her way to the interview room. She smoothes down her hair, and enters the interview room. The interviewer  asks for her name. Meg tells her, and the interviewer frowns and says, “You’re late. Shut the door behind you on your way out.”






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